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Free cheat software for Roblox

JJSploit is a free exploit software that is made for the game Roblox. Exploit programs are made to hack games, to let you generally do unavailable actions. JJSploit delivers many hacks that you can choose from, but at your own risk, as Roblox does not permit you to use the exploit platform. The Roblox community debates whether JJSploit is a virus or not.

Exploit programs inject scripts that take advantage of the susceptible codes that certain games have, like Roblox. KRNL and Synapse are alternatives to JJSploit. Additional popular cheat services are Minecraft Minecoin Pack and Minecraft Launcher, both made for Minecraft instead of Roblox.

Is JJSploit safe?

Exploit services are known to be unsafe. Whether JJSploit is safe or not is discussed in the Roblox community. While this software seems to have been written with safe code, the program does put you at risk after you cheat. If you download and install JJSploit to your PC, then the recommendation is to have your antivirus enabled when you cheat.

Since your PC becomes susceptible to infections from viruses when you use the exploitation software, this is not recommended to download or use. While the initial installation package has a clean code, the act of cheating makes you vulnerable to dangerous trojans and viruses. Since this tool delivers commands that give you an advantage over the rest of the players, Roblox has banned JJSploit.

While the code that JJSploit is written on bypasses the anti-cheat restrictions that Roblox has established, Roblox can still detect JJSploit. If Roblox catches you using JJSploit, your account can get shut down. The risks outweigh the benefits of JJSploit. The ethicality of using a cheat platform is another consideration. While JJSploit has fun features, people may use the service to troll the rest of the gamers, which is unfair. JJSploit even has a Chat troll feature which can distract the group members from a proper game.

Is JJSploit free?

While JJSploit is free to use, issues that may come along with the usage might cost you money. In case your PC becomes infected while you use JJSploit to cheat, you may need to repair your computer or laptop. JJSploit is developed for Microsoft Windows PC operating systems by WeAreDevs.

What is JJSploit?

JJSploit is a DLL injector that manipulates Roblox to allow you to perform commands that are generally not allowed, like flying, infinite jumps, limp, and more. In case you decide to get JJSploit, the interface first asks you to attach JJSploit to a game. You can launch a Roblox session and click Attach on the JJSploit interface to begin using the exploited service.

The JJSploit interface is essentially a tabbed mod menu with buttons and a Lua Executor. The two main tabs are titled Buttons and Lua. Two additional tabs are labeled Fix Roblox and Top Most in the top right corner. The Lua Executor lets you write your own command-line scripts or find the Lua scripts online to paste into the executor.

The most used commands are available in the default window, which is titled Common. The buttons are set up on a table. Drop-down menus and boxes you can fill in are at the bottom of the interface, and common commands you can choose from include Float, High Hips, No Legs, and more.

The gameplay reacts to the commands that you choose almost immediately. You can choose buttons that influence your actions or the scenery, like Toggle Night and Morning. The drop-down menus determine the Walk Speed and Jump Power. Although Roblox is a stable program, JJSploit can crash and lag your gaming sessions.

Usability and functionality

The interface is intuitive and easy to use. A simple list of options displays on the screen, allowing you complete control over the software. This program is easy to navigate, with features that are identified. All program features are available through a few clicks in its main window. The main window includes sections for different types of exploits and lists available exploits in each section. When you select an exploit, a description of it will display along with any options that can be configured. There are also several different utilities that you can use to create and modify scripts, models, and players.

This software is so intuitive that it doesn’t require any training to use. All you have to do is choose the exploit you want and press the Execute button. Some exploits may require setting up other conditions, but the built-in script editor makes this process straightforward. In addition, the impressive functionality of this program lets you perform feats like teleportation and speedhack. The Speedhack feature makes traveling around the map feel like you are moving at lightning speed.

One of the first exploits

While JJSploit is free to use, the software can lead to PC repair costs because your system becomes susceptible to infections after you cheat. However, JJSploit is exciting to use when the service is undetected. Not usually available commands are made available by the cheat program, like flying, infinite jumps, etc. But be warned, if Roblox catches you while you use JJSploit, you can get your account banned.

JJSploit is one of the first exploit programs around. The user interface and user experience it delivers have changed over the years. WeAreDevs continues to develop JJSploit with new software updates to improve the experience.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast execution of scripts
  • Specifically designed for Roblox


  • Lags and crashes
  • Makes your PC susceptible
  • Can get your Roblox account shut down

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JJSploit for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 6.4.12
  • 3.9

  • Security Status

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